BeeGuard protects !

The GPS antitheft device which watches the movements and the position of your apiaries

The theft of hives does not just happen to other people!,
It is necessary to protect your apiaries !

Apiaries are easy preys for the thieves :

  • They are often situated on isolated and easily handleable sites.
  • the swarms, as the honey, can be easily stolen.

Since 2011 BeeGuard® brings innovative solutions to the beekeepers

The lastest version of BeeGuard® brought more than 25 improvements to meet even better the expectations of beekeepers.

So that's what happens in case of theft :

  • The detection of movement is made in a few seconds and a warning message will be sent to you by SMS.
  • You can follow your good on the internet either make a request by SMS, until his position of stop, also transmitted by SMS.
  • Knowing the new position, you can get back your hives.
  • The hourly information and the available routes on the internet will allow you to feed the file of the authorities so what the thief is arrested.

You avoid the loss of the swarm, the future production, the nourishment, the treatments and your working investment !


Unique advantages on the market

  • Compact, it settles down directly on a frame (It is less thick), in a vertical feeder, in a partition or even in the wood of the hive.
  • Weak energy-consuming, the battery have a life expectancy of 2 yearsin surveillance, without refill, without maintenance.
  • Easy to install, there is no local configuration.
  • No ongoing connection GSM to limit the electromagnetic pollution.
  • Resistant food safe plastic devise in treatments Varroa.
  • It continues to work on the international stage without additional cost.
  • It communicates regularly on the Internet to prove that it works correctly .
  • It measures the internal temperature of the hive, without additional cost.
  • Evolutionary, BeeGuard allows to add measuring bars WGuard to know remotely the weight variations and the local weather report.
  • Guaranteed 2 years.
Installation in the hive

Additional Features

BeeGuard takes into account the experience feedback of our customers by adding features which facilitate the use on a daily basis.

Remote activation

On your internet personal space, you reach the collected data:

  • It informes you regularly about his smooth running by internet.
  • It sends you an alert when it is in a low batterie.
  • You can modify one or several numbers of the addressees, you can change its configuration, rename it.
  • Program an authorization of travel (movement) to avoid the releases of alerts during the transhumances either during the long interventions.
  • You will find the history of the travels on the website thanks to the integrated mapping.
  • BeeGuard also measures the internal temperature of the hive.

The subscription

BeeGuard® uses the GSM network to communicate towards internet, the subscription is thus compulsory.
We havethe best offer of the market :

  • Multi-Operators network to maximise the capacity of cover, without additional cost.
  • Inclusive international functioning: All Europe 28 + Switzerland and Norway.
  • On request, it can work all around the world.
  • The consumption of the communication is included.
  • The subscription + server : 3€/Mois/BeeGuard.
GSM subscription